Saturday 17 May 2014

Preparing to be Transported

Last year Phiona Richards and I went on a creative adventure together as engagement artists for Transported Phase 1. 

This June and July we are heading out to Lincolnshire once more as The Eloquent Fold and we'll be two of the artists working on the Transported Open Book strand.

Our mornings will be spent working with the public making "A Flock of Words", which will result in a piece of work made by participants for Spalding, Crowland and Long Sutton Libraries. 

There will be a break for Cake and Conversation where we hope library users will join us and share their stories of home and away. Then during the afternoon Phiona and I will work on a collaborative piece "Crumbs From the Word Table" for each Library.

Inspiration in anticipation found during a derive in Harpole.

We have been preparing and gathering materials

We are really looking forward to working in Lincolnshire again so if  you are near Spalding, Crowland or Long Sutton Library we really hope you'll join us! For more information see Upcoming Events

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