Wednesday 27 March 2019

The Eloquent Fold - The Just Sew Stories - The Workshops

After the success of our work making a banner to take part in PROCESSIONS with a group of lively local women in Corby, The Eloquent Fold were keen to develop a project which had textiles and tales at its heart. I had been given another stash of vintage fabric and both Phiona Richards and I had plenty of our own to add to the project, which meant we were able to work on a larger scale than might normally be possible. 

This project was inspired by Frida Kahlo - Making Herself Up, an exhibition of her personal possessions at the V & A in 2018. We were able to download the huipil pattern, which, I felt would make an ideal double sided hanging and could act as a support for textile tales. We invited the group to think of an inspirational person, place or event to use as the starting point for their stories. Over the course of eight evening sessions the group tried new techniques, made new friends, had time to share a reviving cuppa and healthy snacks in the social spaces at swan gardens in Corby. 

Phiona devised a neat pin cushion kit

and helped people choose their 

fabric and cut out their patterns

I introduced the group to the delights of Batik

Phiona encouraged participants to 

stamp or draw their ideas on fabric.


I loved Jayne's representation of pollen

as this is how large it feels during hay fever season which 
is pretty much a permanent state of affairs for me!

Some people had done little or no sewing either by hand or 
on a machine so those with more experience helped where needed.

Phiona brought in a wonderful array of embroidery sample to inspire

I worked on a sample huipil

both at home

and during sessions

if I needed to demonstrate a suggestion

The room was always full of 
activity and conversation

and was an absolute delight

We hadn't originally planned on 

exhibiting the work

but were able to organise a showing

at The Rooftop Arts Centre at short notice.

Everyone sewed just that little bit faster knowing
that there was to be and exhibition!

This project was devised and delivered by The Eloquent Fold, artists Carole Miles and Phiona Richards with funding from Northamptonshire Community Foundation - The Constance Travis Endowment Fund.