Tuesday 21 February 2012

Beautiful Brigstock - A Day Planting Jubilee Woods

Jubilee Woods Tree Planting Day on Saturday February 18th, The Water Tower, Brigstock with Rosalind Stoddart FRSA, Independent Cultural EngineerWe were joined by artists, poets, storytellers, families and friends to undertake the planting. 

The weather was blustery with the constant threat of rain but spirits were high and the planting went smoothly. We planted 106 trees, 105 hawthorn, hazel, silver birch, rowan, wild cherry, dogwood and one walnut tree, all of which fitted in three buckets but took several hours to plant! 

Nursery Manager for AES Europe Ann Leonard, Proprietor - Mr Robert Cockroft and Operations Manager - Mr Anthony McKenna  -  donated the stakes and mesh to protect the young trees.

There was also the special tree grown from a seed from one of the Royal Estates. Poet Adrian Johnson read a The Heart of the Tree by Henry Cuyler Bunner (1855 - 1896) as the tree was planted and each tree was planted with a penny for luck. 

Our youngest tree planter was Hamish Young who is just over two years old. We were also joined by Annabel Amos during BBC Radio Northampton's Treasure Quest we were  the final destination and so the planting was shared with the wider communityAnnabel was able to plant a tree before dashing back to Northampton in the radio car.

Indoor poetry reprise by Adrian Johnson

Afterward the planting we had a hearty lunch of soup, bread, cheese, carrots, grapes and fruit cake, poems were read and stories were told whilst we ate. Ros read a special extract from B.B a writer close to her heart and the subject of her most recent project BB and His World

Storyteller Allan Davies told a wonderful tale 
which he thinks is called The World Tree. 

I read the following poems

It felt good to be planting trees, to be part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, it was a celebratory day, so much more than a street party, as we were setting down roots, an act of faith in the future. 

The Tree Planters Were :-

Rosalind Stoddart
Carole Miles
Michael Miles
Ann Leonard
Annabel Amos
Amos Ballard
Millie Ballard
Sophie Cullinan
Kitty Cullinan
Jonty Cullinan
Emma Davies
Kate Dyer
Lorraine Dziarkowska
 Claudia Faehrenkemper
Nick Finn and Family
Adrian Johnson
Hilary Kantorowich
Gunta Krumins
Agris Krumins
Maureen Walvin
Sally Wilks
Lisa Wilkinson
Meriel White
Hamish Young
Graeham Young

There were also thoughts of, 
and trees planted for, 
people who couldn't attend 
or were no longer with us.

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