Thursday 15 November 2012

The Performance

"A fabulous night after months of hard work, research, development. 
A tribute to Corby, it's history, people and future"

I have had such a wonderful time singing that I wanted to make a little something to say thank you, so I cooked up 4 different versions of my take on the Deep Roots experience and made a wild flower seed paper multiple for each person. I'm hoping people will plant them next year and set a few new shoots growing

It was a wonderful night and amazing to see / hear Barb, Jenny, Gareth and all the musicians making such wonderful sound! Must give a wave to Paula Boulton and her Complaints Choir who gave us much to smile about! Lastly thank you to the amazing Shusha Walmsley choir buddy and wonderful Homeopathist who brought my voice back from the brink of disappearance with an emergency remedy!

You can see still from the evening here

Friday 2 November 2012

Come and Wish a Happy Birthday to The Core!

From a very early age I loved to sing, I sang at home, in the bathroom or in front of the mirror, I sang at school - Gilbert and Sullivan, I loved musicals and spent my early teens with a Panasonic Panapet chained round my wrist, life events were punctuated by the pop songs I loved. For a very brief moment I belonged to an a-cappella girl group called the Overtones. Then I started working in schools and colleges, became prone to every cold going and seemed to have perpetual ear infections or sinusitis, I lost my voice and I stopped singing. Occasionally I'd try and make some noise, but noise was all it was, the loss of voice became a secret sadness. 

The cloud catching Cube, home of the Core photograph by Andrew Rushton

Earlier this year I was persuaded to attend a voice workshop lead by Michael Harper at the Water Tower in Brigstock and to my astonishment, something like a voice put in an appearance. My voice and I had a rather emotional reunion. Later Ros Stoddart persuaded me to join her at the rehearsals for a choir that would sing for the Queen during her Jubilee visit to Corby. I wasn't able to take part in the performance but loved the experience. 'What to do next?' I wondered. It wasn't long before Ros had inspired a new project at the Core - Deep Roots, Tall Trees. 

Gareth Fuller

To celebrate The Core at Corby Cube’s second birthday singer and international recording artist Barb Jungr has been working with local musicians, meeting people, collecting stories and making music to create the original Deep Roots, Tall Trees: A Corby Song Cycle. This premiere performance features Barb Jungr and her regular accompanist Jenny Carr together with high quality local musicians and a community choir, celebrating the town in song. 

“Now I've seen Barb Jungr perform lots of times...and she's such a great vocalist, she really is, open your ears, sit back and enjoy. She's brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.” Paul O'Grady

Photograph from last night's rehearsal by Lorraine Maria Dziarkowska

I am one of the many local people taking part as a member of the Community Choir. We have been meeting regularly for the past weeks, learning our parts in the new songs, joining with the musicians and have had the great joy to sing under the the guidance of Choir Master Gareth Fuller. We have also had the privilege to watch and hear Barb Jungr bring out the best in everyone. We are all enjoying the process and feeling slightly nervous as the performance is just over a week away but we are inspired, fired up and ready to give it our all! The songs are uplifting, we are planning to raise the roof - this will be a night to remember so please join us!

The lovely people at The Core are making a special offer to enocourage the community to buy more tickets and are offering them at £8 each, rather than £14.

To take advantage of this offer, you must contact the Ticket Office in person or by phone 01536 470470 (not the internet) and quote the magic words 
"Birthday Offer"

To find out more about the Community Choir

There are regular updates and photographs on the 

For more about this exciting collaboration please visit 
Rosalind Stoddart, Independent Cultural Engineer 

PS - To all involved a huge thank you for helping me find my voice!