Wednesday 3 April 2019

The Just Sew Stories Exhibition at The Rooftop Arts Centre April 2019

This was a lovely opportunity for people to see each others completed work, read their stories and to share the work with the wider community.

Poster and previous photos by Warren Shaw - The Rooftop Arts centre

A premature birth with a happy ending

Sharing a love of books with her Grandchildeen

The 13 sequins represent 13 children

Inspired to read by J K Rowling and sharing this love of reading and all things harry Potter with children learning to read in a local school

This maker was The Cat Who Walked by herself at school.

"The Dog was wild, and the Horse was wild, and the Cow was wild, and the Sheep was wild, and the Pig was wild—as wild as wild could be—and they walked in the Wet Wild Woods by their wild lones. But the wildest of all the wild animals was the Cat. He walked by himself, and all places were alike to him."

“This, O my Best Beloved is a story – a new and wonderful story – a story quite different from the other stories”― Rudyard Kipling, Just So Stories

This story was dedicated to Gertrude Jekyll

Remembering the strong women in her 
family and life in Jarrow and Corby

The tale od three sisters - Evacuees from Birmingham

Sharing the space, enjoying the show.

This project was devised and delivered by The Eloquent Fold, artists Carole Miles and Phiona Richards with funding from Northamptonshire Community Foundation - The Constance Travis Endowment Fund. Many thanks to Swan Gardens for welcoming the group into their warm and inviting social spaces and to all the wonderful people at The Rooftop Arts centre who who helped to hang and publicise the show.