Tuesday 31 January 2017

Continuum Research - Sometimes Found in the Woods

These unusual items discovered whils scoping in Thoroughsale Woods with Jo Dacombe during our research period for Continuum also became part of one of the songs written for Dreaming Our Woods. Barg Jungr asked each of the members of Ring of Fire to write a verse (or verses) for a song about The Oak. This came after a walk taken with Barb and the choir where we stopped by a magnificent, ancient oak tree in the woods. People shared ideas about the life of the tree, what it meant to them and all the many events that may have taken place under its generous canopy of leaves and branches. I wrote three verses - see if you can spot them here.


Continuum Summer - Canopies

During our research period Jo Dacombe and I took plenty of images of the leaf canopies in Thoroughsale Woods plus a few other woods during the summer months of 2016. 

I used these images to create a series of digital canopy banners, we had a hard time choosing three from the five. It would have been lovely to have them all but having already found extra money ourselves to have them printed we were just able to afford to have three. We decided to print them on ripstop nylon and had the hems sewn by the print company.

Saturday 28 January 2017

Dreaming Our Woods in Rehearsal

First sharing of work made by the three lead artists Barb Jungr, Kurt Laurenz Theinart and Neil Paristrying the songs and dance sections with work created by Kurt's Visual Piano. I love singing but I am getting larger by the minute and the dance element makes me aware what a poor thing my body is. However in the safe cocoon of the lights, bathes by the sounds we are creating I am, for a time, able to forget my self-consciousness.