Friday 22 February 2013

Paper Jewellery

My first project of the year at Priory Lower School was to look at jewellery, whilst doing my research I remembered I had a book of Paper Jewellery by Wendy Ramshaw and David Watkins.

Paper jewellery has a long tradition which continues into the present day

The image above becomes a paper bangle and was used at Jazz Age Bridge Parties!

Wendy Ramshaw studied illustration and fashion design and in the 1960's created kit form paper jewellery with strong graphic motifs

I was also inspired by her Room of Dreams which combines jewels and traditional tales, her work is breathtakingly meticulous and some of her designs have been translated into architectural features. I felt that her book would offer a great way to explore jewellery with Year Two, especially as there was lots of scope for pattern making and use of colour.


and decorative collars

The following session we continued to work with paper, this time Zoffany wallpapers from an old sample book, creating flower forms which were applied to shapes dictated by the patterns in the wallpapers.

The children made collars and headdresses

adding drawn and applied embellishments

Later the children drew heads

to display their work

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