Friday 28 December 2012

Enamelled Bronze Dog

Photograph by Andrew Rushton

Some words in progress worked on since workshop 1 - inspired by Martin's postcard trying to fuse ancient artefact, ancient hunters and present memories. 

Enamelled Bronze Dog Brooch, 2nd Century AD click to see similar brooch

On such an emerald day
your speckled flanks 
cut across the landscape 
leanness set against the wind.
Circling through wild grasses
face fixed in joy of speed
you have your head and
I think there can be
no grace to match this.

Through winter 
we lie nose to tail,  
curve of belly 
echoing arc of rib.
A soft peace after 
days of hunting.
Your warm breath 
sputtering dreams
against my frozen feet.

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  1. Encouraging comments via Twitter

    "@SmallLightnings Delighted to see @digifem posting her poem, the result of an exercise from our @malonepoetry"

    "@AESEurope Fab poem and photos!"