Saturday 8 December 2012

Lifecycle - The Godmonkey Skyhook Amalgamation

A chance conversation and a spur of the moment visit to see Nick Finn's installation at the Rooftop Gallery brought me to the Amalgamation and now I can't believe my luck to be part of such a delicious audiovisual conflagration! 

Band logo by Katy Lindsay

Born on November 14, 2012
Brain child of Nick Finn

In the mix you will find
Mark Brennan, Andy Eathorne, 
Darren Nimmo, Martin Baldock,
 Sian Mabbot, Christina Monteiro,
Katherin Williams, Lynn Davis, 
Donna Faulkner......
there may also be others
....oh yes...and me!

We are trying out our new work 
LIFECYCLE hoping for
audio/visual delights.

Please come along to meet us after the performance.
PERFORMANCE 7.00pm - 9.00pm
at the Rooftop Gallery and Workshops
9 The Links, Queens Square
Corby.  NN17 1PZ

"This audio visual collaboration has been achieved 
in a very short space of time and we'd love to have 
you there to help with feed back etc" says Nick Finn 

"maybe you are interested in joining in the fun"

You can find us on Facebook

Small donation requsted for the 
Rooftop Galleries and Workshops

Then on Friday, December 14th
6.30 pm we will be taking
Lifecycle to the Ex-Servicemen's Club
The Old Village, Corby

This launch event is aimed at engaging our community through popular culture
Fundraising money for Corbys Arts Scene, 
majority of proceeds going to The Rooftop Gallery & Workshops.

TICKETS - £3 or two for A Fiver!!
on sale from @Phillip Anthony | The Alternative Edge

Confirmed :
The GodMonkey SkyHook Amalgamation
The Flying Mandelas
The Multiversal Concrete Club

Woodcuts and digital image by Carole Miles and are available for sale from the artist.

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