Wednesday 5 December 2012

After my visit to Kew Gardens I was describing the beauty of the water lilies to Ann Leonard, the Office Manager for AES Europe a partnership of freshwater environment experts with a wealth of experience in monitoring and managing water quality and aquatic ecosystems. 

I'm a big fan of the company especially as both Ann and the company donated the stakes and mesh for the Jubilee Tree Planting I organised in Brigstock earlier this year. 

I showed Ann the wild flower seed paper multiples I'd made for Deep Roots Tall Trees. Ann thought something similar might be a lovely thing to send to their clients this Christmas so I used one of the images I'd taken at Kew (see image above). You can see the other images I made for AES to choose from here,  the image above was the one they chose. 

I've been very touched to read Tweets from AES about them, happy customers, happy me!

Received great limited edition prints made by  for our clients for xmas... they are so lovely. Everyone thrilled with them!

Writing the cards and putting in limited edition prints . . . lucky clients! Prints made by 

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