Thursday 15 November 2012

The Performance

"A fabulous night after months of hard work, research, development. 
A tribute to Corby, it's history, people and future"

I have had such a wonderful time singing that I wanted to make a little something to say thank you, so I cooked up 4 different versions of my take on the Deep Roots experience and made a wild flower seed paper multiple for each person. I'm hoping people will plant them next year and set a few new shoots growing

It was a wonderful night and amazing to see / hear Barb, Jenny, Gareth and all the musicians making such wonderful sound! Must give a wave to Paula Boulton and her Complaints Choir who gave us much to smile about! Lastly thank you to the amazing Shusha Walmsley choir buddy and wonderful Homeopathist who brought my voice back from the brink of disappearance with an emergency remedy!

You can see still from the evening here

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