Wednesday 19 October 2011

Return to Silver Clay

There is something about Norfolk that is totally magical, some people love hills and dramatic landscapes, I quite like an even landscape, and the sense of having a foot in both camps, close to the sea and nestled within the countryside.

In the brief summer that arrived early during the Easter holidays we were able to get away for a week. I had some time to explore Holkham Hall again, there’s so much to see and the restoration of the Walled Garden is an exciting project

Very relaxed deer

Grapes from the previous summer

In the quiet afternoons I was able to do a bit of doodling

 the walled garden belonging to the cottage we stayed in
From the bedroom window there was a view of a sun-soaked graveyard, 
often visited by pheasants and a hooting owl. There were walks through salt marshes and along cliff tops. 
There was space to think about future projects. 

Charlie, my whippet, had a few safe spaces to run in, there’s nothing quite like seeing a long dog at full stretch. I love his capacity for joy and would love his ability to run!
The small green below St Margaret’s Church in Cley in a great running spot for Charlie

Later in the year I decided to use some of these dreamy, doodly thoughts 

to make another set of silver pieces.
They are made from a clay which is transformed through firing
becoming silver which can be hallmarked if so desired

You can see the complete set here

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