Saturday 1 December 2018

Rivers of the World - Pilot Project in Primary Schools in Worcestershire

Rivers of the World Is an international art and education project delivered in partnership with the Brisish Council connecting pupils around the globe to their local river through a variety of environmental, cultural and economic themes. Since 2005 Rivers of the World has been delivered in thirty countries around the world. This year I was chosen to run a pilot scheme in October 2018 with six Primary Schools in Worcestershire for half a day per school. The main program artists worked with Secondary Schools and had 2 and a half days to work in their chosen schools.  Their end goal was to create digital artworks with the groups from the material generated by the pupils. My end goal was to create artworks with children in years 2 to 6 that spoke of the flora, fauna, industry and history of the rivers Severne and Avon which could form part of an exhibition at The Hive in November 2018.

Autumn in the Malverns

May Queen apple - late eater, 1888

"LOOK! Look!, LOOK!" at Berrington Hall by 

Too far to travel daily so I spent half my fee 
staying in this gorgeous home from home

in the grounds of a 16th century farmhouse

complete with magical Bothy

oak tree with it's own, glazed fairy door

an out building I would have loved as a studio, and gardens 
with plenty of free running space for the whippet,

and glorious sunsets at the end of the day. 

Trial boats, later cut, sanded and drilled by my right hand man and Dad!

The children at Martley, Northwick, Northleigh and St Mary's, Broadway were asked to imagine the boat was painted with what could be seen on, in or around their river. e used artist quality acrylic paints and good brushes in a variety of sizes. Many were surprised at the beauty of the patterns painted and the control demonstrated. Like me, the children were able to imagine the boat was real, theirs and part of the river. We also used press print to print individual images, following our theme, on each side of the sail. As we only had a very short session at Northleigh, the children adorned their sails with gold, silver and bronze paper oak leaves.

Collagraph prints made by children at Ombersley Endowed School inspired by fish and insects and based on a pottery shape adapted from Royal Worcester Pottery vases.

Pupils at Chadsgrove School took a bold, lively 
approach to nature seen on and by the river

and once again the shape of their vases were 
inspired by royal Worcester pottery which had 
works very close to the River Severne.

The exhibition at The Hive

The Thames River Festival Director, Adrian Evans was
blown away by the quality of the work produced.

and Elaine Knight, Arts Director of Severne Arts
both of whom supported me brilliantly throughout.

The artists and work made with the Secondary Schools 
in the main Rivers of the World project in Worcestershire

Wednesday 31 October 2018



Thursday 25th October – Sunday 4th November 2018

Various locations across Ipswich.

In this special exhibition for SPILL Festival Of Performance, 

all 100 banners created around the UK for 
PROCESSIONS will be shown as a trail at various locations across Ipswich.
and see a video of the banners at the SPILL Festival in Ipswich here

Friday 20 July 2018

Dressing the Pianos outside The Stables Spiegeltent

Dressing the Pianos outside The Stables Spiegeltent
at Milton Keynes International Festival 
21 - 29th July 2018

Pianos, instruments, bicycles were donated
and decorated with plants by volunteers

I had the very enjoyable task of 
decorating the upright pianos

at the entrance to the tent

Some of the gorgeous installations
 by the other volunteers

Spiegeltent in Festival Central, Campbell Park in Central Milton Keynes MK9 4AD.

Wednesday 13 June 2018


I had a last minute call from my artist / 
storytelling friend Philipper Tipper

"So I've got my PROCESSIONS banner that 
needs a little help on the sewing side of 
things!Can I come over? Can you help?"

Raiding my fabric stash

Helping hand!

Many ribbons and some brocade

even my whippet wanted to 'help'

Having no studio we commandeered my Dad's
conservatory and garden as work spaces

and hey presto we have a completed banner.

Phil and her banner marched with 
the Wolverton banner makers