Sunday 9 July 2017

Mythical Beasts House Banners - Corby Old Village Primary School

Artist Kate Dyer and I were invited to work throughout the year groups at Corby Old Village Primary School to help the pupils create a banner for each class. Their theme was Mythical Beasts - Unicorn, Centaur, Phoenix, Dragon, Griffin, Pegasus, Pixie. Kate went in and explained the brief to the children who made line drawings of their mythical creatures. We enlarged them on the photocopier and I cut out the stencils ready to print.

The children worked with me to screen print their designs and whilst some of the group were waiting Kate helped them to draw and decorate paper flags. After the designs were printed the children stamped words to represent the virtues of their mythical creatures.

We had a week to work on the project in order to 
have them ready for the end of tern Fun Day

International Gymnast Daniel Keatings opening the Fun Day