Friday 31 January 2014

The sculpture network’s New Year’s Brunch 2014

The Miles and Dacombe sculpture InTenz was exhibited with the work or 7 local artists and about 2,500 artists, art mediators and friends of the arts gathered simultaneously at 45 different venues, in 14 countries. The Brunch took place at artspace Susan Williams and it was a delight to take part and to meet Susan who was a generous host and a fascinating artist. You can read about the event here

Wednesday 8 January 2014

New Year, Late Start

This time last year I signed up for another Sketchbook Project, but didn't manage to complete it (or start it) in time for the tour deadline date. In the spirit of better late than never I thought I'd fill it and upload the pages to my Sketchbook Project pages anyway. 

The book revisits the Compass art tour round Lincolnshire, thoughts about gravity and creative thinking, notions of growth, core strengths, beginnings and endings. I have been working on the dining room table as it's too wet and cold out in the shed, but at least I've started the year by making something! 

I began on New Years Day and gave myself the task to complete it in a week. It is Done and you can see the results here!