Friday 2 May 2014

Taking Part - Fluoro Rattus

Art on the High Street is a self-funded artist collaboration between Carol Parker and Amy Lee Briggs and earlier this year they sent me a pack of Fluoro Rattus - fluorescent rats in different sizes made from recycled materials. I was born in a metal Rat year, I am having to be resourceful, I promised to take the rats out for an interesting walk.

Art on the High Street say
"And in case you’re interested in ‘why rats’:
In China, the Rat is one of the 12 year cycle of animals which appear in their zodiac, with the positive traits of; intelligence, altruism, problem solving, honesty & generosity….it is said that finding a poor Rat is rare
In Indian tradition Rats are considered to be reincarnated members of the Charan clan of storytellers and bards, they are fed, protected and worshipped 
In England they are generally regarded as a pest (a bit like our artists!)
But of course, they can just be appreciated for their colour, tenacity and breeding qualities."

I like urban walking, I like exploring my own neighbourhood, I'm a window gazing wanderer. I look for the subtle changes and like to think about the things that catch my eye. On this walk, I was also on a side mission, I was off to locate a venue for a small CDF funded project taking place in June / July. 

Several rats went to discover more about the Pot Belly Pig Brewery in Durban St which is housed in what may be an old shoe factory and which looks a little abandoned. The rats enjoyed the textures of peeling paint, rusting bolts, red brick and broken windows.

 Neil invented a slide

 Marjanne got her tail caught in a rusting letter box

 Baby found a gap in the glass to wriggle through

 Pip found a leek tile to rest on

 This little chap spent some time checking out dandy lion clocks 
(yes I'm taking liberties with the spelling!) on Windmill Avenue

 Another Baby decided to push the button in Washington Square

 Whilst the third nameless Baby admired some Simpsons curtains in Central Ave

 Hannah got cosy with some dolls in Rowena Wool Shop

 and admired some unusual Sirdar yarns

 This little rat went to visit an artist

 and Caroline rat visited a sculptor

 Little Lucy rat finally found The Resource Centre open

bookings were made

 and new friends were met

 Lucy rat couldn't stay, she has to make her way
to poet Lucy Anderson in Northampton

and here's a little treasure we found growing through the crack
It was a good walk through urban spaces, 
mist, drizzle, dewy grass.

a Do One Thing Initiative.

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