Friday 2 May 2014

Attending the Flaming Skirt Festival - Virtually

Derbyshire's Contemporary Arts Festival 
in Village Halls · 27th April 2014

Air hostess in red, artist Sophie Cullinan 
who offered me a virtual ticket to ride

I was a bit cheeky and asked if I could have an actual Personal Appreciation Pack which arrived before the tour. In return and for fun I said I'd tweet my own virtual tour with vintage Air Hostess fashion dolls. I would have loved to have gone on the actual tour and the links at the end of this post will take you to where all the real action happened. I think Sally Lemsford's idea to take art to out of the way spaces is wonderful!

Eagle flask ready to come fly with me - virtually

in their flaming finery, take in some culture
whilst waiting for the virtual tour bus.

Medium sized Sindy Air Hostess
 if they will need an umber ella ella

Virtual Tour Exhibit 1 - 
Flaming vintage glass firing up the view
Italian - 1960's - a little bit chipped here and there.

Miniature Air Hostess Sindy and 
take their ease and consider a cup of tea.

Virtual Tour Exhibit 2 - Tulips 

Virtual Tour Exhibit 3 -
hide artists' studio

Palitoy Mary Make-Up, Tressy Air Hostess 
& Tressy stop for lunch

This hostess was a present from my paternal Grandmother
and flew to Western Australia and back during the
Miles family grand adventure as £10 Poms.

Virtual Tour Exhibit 4 - flaming tipped acer leaves
and a bucket of mosaic tiles - evidence of mosaic
making somewhere in the garden

Pedigree Vicki, Air Hostess Sidepart Sindy and Mitzi
holding a torch for the Flaming Skirt Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour Exhibit 4 - Flaming Shedstallation

We're all fired up

Virtual Tour Exhibit 6 - evidence artist has been at work

Virtual Tour Exhibit 7 - flaming tulip

Virtual Tour Exhibit 8 - it's hot on the streets

Surely not another Diahann Carrol Nurse Julia
health and safety well covered on this virtual tour!

Virtual Tour Exhibit 9 - Flame coloured tulips 
consider making a break for it

and now our tour is virtually done, all Tweets delivered,
all Instgrams complete, all dolls back in their boxes.

Time to examine the very wonderful Flaming Skirt 
Personal Appreciation Pack 

as one final flaming petal falls.
(part of the Do One Thing Initiative)

The End


The Flaming Skirt Festival

The actual Flaming Skirt Festival tour route

The Flaming Skirt Festival on Tumblr

The Flaming Skirt Festival on Facebook

The fabulous Flaming Skirt Artists

The Flaming Skirt tour Hostess with the mostess - artist Sophie Cullinan on Success


Why do I collect vintage fashion dolls - terrible role models you say, but the only two I had as a child saw me to Australia and back, reminded me of home and spent most of the time with their very few outfits packed in a case! Later on when my life went momentarily pear-shaped the collection took my mind of things that broke my heart. When I was too large for fashion I got to dress up by proxy. Later still I organised an exhibition for Sindy's 40th Birthday from my collection at the Museum of Childhood at Sudbury Hall. In the lean years selling off part of my collection has helped keep me afloat. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure but if Grayson Perry can be Claire and elevate his teddy Alan Measles then a bit of dolly daydreaming can't be all that bad. I've had hours of fun, expressed my inner anorak and demonstrated the importance of play ie :- creative thinking, throughout life. 

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