Saturday 9 August 2014

Departures and Arrivals

Gatwick, Vancouver, Salt Spring 

After a busy July working in Libraries, gardens and community spaces the time has come to make my way to Salt Spring Island to spend time with dear friend and author Kathy Page. After much anxiety over what and how much to pack I have finally landed on Salt Spring Island, a place I've often imagined visiting. It's many years since I've flown anywhere, anxiety about my carbon footprint clipped my wings. I think of other flights, moving from the UK to Perth as a child, visiting Egypt as a student, Italy with an industrial designer, Hong Kong as a playground planner for Wickstead's. My last adventure abroad with Kathy was to Prague, by coach, a very many years ago!

To quote Kathy 

"I don’t travel frequently, but when I do, it has a powerful and lasting effect on me. I look carefully and think about what I find."

Goodbye English patchwork fields

At the halfway point we fly over ancient ice

Landing in Vancouver there is time to explore the artworks in the terminal

I am intrigued by the Bill Reid Sculpture 

The Spirit of Haida Gwaii: The Jade Canoe

"So there is certainly no lack of activity in our little boat, but is there any purpose? Is the tall figure who may or may not be the Spirit of Haida Gwaii leading us, for we are all in the same boat, to a sheltered beach beyond the rim of the world as he seems to be, or is he lost in a dream of his own dreamings? The boat goes on, forever anchored in the same place.
Bill Reid©, artist "

Kathy thought that the final stage of my arrival should be by seaplane

the pilot is warm, friendly and informative

I try not to notice the button on the control panel

The flight takes about 20 minutes

 and is a wonderful introduction

to this exciting new landscape.

Seaplane photos by Kathy Page

I have arrived!

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