Friday 1 August 2014

REFractal Revisited July 2014

NN Project Space July 2014 Old Law Beacons Jo Dacombe, Kate Dyer and Carole Miles recreated elements of their sensory walk commissioned by Made in Corby and utilised Miles and Dacombe's INTenz n order to experiment with the wonderful light and space at NN Contemporary.

People played and created with our shiny pebbles, our mirrors and the light, wore our blindfold, listened to our sounds and talked about woodlands, the senses and personal connections with places. 


Mother of Pearl

 Pebble Intervention in 32 The Guild

We had some good interaction on social media also, both during the weekend and afterwards from people who came to visit. 

Friends of Delapre Abbey were extremely helpful, allowing us to make a connection between the park and N N Project Space

It was a great opportunity to test out ideas and work in an inspiring space. For more images click this link

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