Wednesday 27 August 2014

One of My Panels is Missing

Sad to report one of the panels I made for the Brampton Valley Way has been stolen. If you find it in a ditch or see it gracing someone's garden I'd love to know. Oh and just in case it was the gold tiles that attracted your magpie eye and light fingers, the gold tiles are not real gold, just foiled glass. For the full story click here

If anyone has any information about the theft of this public artwork please contact Park Ranger Dan Hurst  0160 - 488 9478 or report any suspicious activity near the panel to Northamptonshire Police Force

The project was made possible with funding raised by Back To Books a not for profit community organisation and 


  1. "It is such a shame that someone should feel that they can just come and take something not belonging to them from a public place. However, in one way it is a compliment to you, Carol, that you and those who took part in making the panel have created such a desirable object, that someone wanted so much to possess that he/she took the risk to steal it. " R. Anderson

  2. "I suppose at least it wasn't destroyed. Someone somewhere will be admiring it even if they are undeserving to do so. Try not to let it be on your mind too often. It's one of those things to have to leave behind with good thoughts." K.Lamb