Saturday 30 June 2012


Artists Kate Dyer, Sophie Cullinan, Jo Dacombe and I worked on various parts of the Corby project to animate the route of the Torch Relay, the project was dubbed 'Torchtastic' by Sophie, in honour of her fabulous Torch inspired rattles. I spent a day at The Old Village Primary School with Sophie creating rattles and flags for the children to shake and wave when the Torch Bearers make their way through the Old Village and towards Corby town centre on July 2nd.

Sophie wealding the glue gun



Springs and flames attached

I had preprinted torch pennants for the children to embellish

After an initial feeling of "Bah Humbug" about the Torch Relay, I found myself swept up in the crowd waiting for the relay to arrive in Kettering and strangely moved by the waving and cheering which brightened the greyish, rainy day. I then felt compelled to watch the Corby leg on the internet and the next day was in Asfordby making paper flags with the children as they waited for the relay to come through on it's way to Melton Mowbray. Once again there were smiles, laughter and unexpected patience, perhaps we all need a reason to stand together and cheer, especially when many aspects of life seem increasingly grim. 

Portrait of the artist with actual Torch Relay Torch which was carried by Nicola Kenton during the Wellingborough leg of the relay. Many thanks to her Mum, Yvonne for letting me touch a little piece of Olympic history!

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