Friday 8 June 2012

Sure Start Felting Project in Melton Mowbray Begins

I have finally started my Let's Celebrate felting project to make bunting and wall hangings to celebrate all that The Edge, The Cove and Fairmead Sure Start Centres mean to their community. Participants will be creating bunting and wall hangings out of wool - using un-spun wool, soap, very hot water, friction and rolling. 

The themes for the bunting are :- the Jubilee, sports, Olympics, celebrations, history etc and can be a pattern or a picture. These will add a festive feel to the entrances of the Sure Start Centres.

The themes for the Wall Hangings - possibly taken from a child's drawing, or an image about friendship, support, advice, growing, nature, healthy eating, fitness, play or featuring a local landmark!

Hopefully participants will also make something to take home too! The photos below are from the first sessions in May.

Dates and times for the future sessions at the following Sure Start Centres for local parents 

June 25th,
July 16th
July 23rh–

Contact  (01664) 502479 to book

June 26th
July 17th,
July 24th –

Contact  (01664) 502345 to book

June 26th
July 17th
July 24th – 

 Contact  (01664) 502429 to book

Sessions are free but booking is advised.

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