Wednesday 19 March 2014


After the success of collaborating during Walking North and Navigational Tools Old Law Beacons Jo Dacombe, Kate Dyer and I were commissioned to stage a MIC Creative People and Place art walk REFractal in the Kings wood Corby. Old Law Beacons believe that reflections, refractions and artistic interventions offer new ways of experiencing the woodlands. 

We devised a  participative ramble with site speciffic, temporary interventions / installations which aimed to enhance or alter the experience of the ancient woodland. The walk was designed to take one hour but actually took over two as the participants were fully engaged with the interventions and related activities. 

Kings Wood Corby March 15th 20014

Many thanks to Chamberlain Plastics, Stevie Way Art Group, Amy Dee, Niamh Dove, Corby Borough Council, Friends of Kings Wood, John Haughton and Mick Tiffany for help making and installing the artworks. Thank you also to those who joined us and made this such a rich and pleasurable experience.

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