Wednesday 12 March 2014

My Swap Box from Marie Shaw

My box has arrived!

What a treasure trove, what a box of heart lifting delights! Here are the contents of the box I received from the marvellous Marie Shaw! The box itself was painted for Marie as part of another swap and was made by Anne Murray. As the box seems to like to travel I do feel it is destined to be passed on to someone else and I know just who!

Beautiful Hello Carole card and the makings for Madeleines

Wonderful hand crafted silver button on my 
favourite orange ribbon to be worn as a 
bracelet or necklace.

Mystery envelopes for International Womens Day

Coffee, calorie counted chocolate and shortbread - 
I'm saving these for a sunny day in the shed!

Word of inspiration about why the Arts Matter

Opened on International Womens Day - the theme of which 
was Inspiring Change - find out more here

I felt touched and honoured to be regarded as an inspiring woman and it was good to reflect on all that was sacrificed, all that had been fought for and all that still remains to be accomplished. On the day I was in Stoke-on-Trent and we popped in to see a fabulous, inspiring young woman - Hayley Smallman who has started her own business with the help of the Prince's Youth Business Trust. In a town that has been battered by job losses and deprivation, Hayley and her mother have big plans and driving ambition combined with a wonderful, practical no nonsense approach. It is a family affair as Hayley's twin sister was there helping with the renovations to the new shop. I feel they have a great future ahead of them and Hayley's 'can do' attitude made me feel very proud, especially on this day to celebrate women. We also went to the Emma Bridgewater Factory where I was doubly inspired 
1 - by the lovely array of mixed and matched Bridgewater crocks in the cafe 
2 - by the wall of framed tea towels which showcased designs by Pat Albeck ranging from the 1960s to the present day. Making the stuff of everyday day life the stuff of dreams is no mean feat!

I will treasure my Inspiring button!

On the following day I discovered my Star Map Star and found a miniature packet of sparklers tucked in the side of the box. I'm keeping them for a day when I feel lacking in sparkle. This has been such a lovely project to participate in and I hope to connect with Marie, Katie Smith and Dave Briggs  again in future!

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