Friday 13 April 2012

Day Five - It is Done!

Cover - fabric map design 'Jensen', produced by Liberty (also used in Miles & Dacombe Ticket Exchange bags) recurring maps - showing sections of the Manifold Valley in Derbyshire


Note to self - it really is time to....

 All pages stuffed to bursting and ready to post to Brooklyn on Monday.
I worry that things may tear, fall out or come unstuck
and that I haven't made this very easy to scan
but I've loved making it and hope 
others will enjoy it too.

You can see it here

or check it out from the Brooklyn Art Library Call Number: 187.16-9


  1. Its delicious.

  2. From Ann White This looks amazing Carole xxx

  3. From Nick Finn - wow ! fantastic !!

  4. From Annie Dalton - And I really DO love them. x

  5. From Sharon Martin Read - So gorgeous.. i want it!! ;-)

  6. I'm glad you all enjoyed the postings and the work! Thank you