Saturday 12 April 2014

Marking A Fine Line Finally Installed!

It's been quite a long journey from idea to installation

I've worked with many lovely people and you can 

Most of all I must thank my wonderful volunteers Carolyn, Ricky and Mark who took such care in creating the woodwork and gave so much time to the installation and to the Green Patch for letting us use a poly tunnel this winter as a temporary workshop. It fill my heart to think of all the time and effort they gave!

Also huge thanks to Ranger Dan Hurst

 who got us up and down the 

Brampton Valley way in many variable weathers!

The Frost panel was the trickiest to install

but with Spring in full swing,

blossom appearing along the Way,


lambs and lush greenery


don't let the moss grow under your feet

take to your bikes and ride!

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