Monday 21 November 2011

Looking For Clues - Snibston Visit One - Part Three

After omelettes and exploration in the yard, Clare and Steve collected two of the pieces they have been working on for Mining Couture and we went to a variety of locations inside the building to see how they worked when seen in different contexts. It felt amazing to be part of the journey, watching artists exploring ideas, thinking in motion and whilst they were engaged in their own thoughts and processes I was able to roam the less public spaces of the Discovery Centre. Looking for clues and still making connections.

We spent quite some time in a storage area which had been the miners shower block - the light was falling, the air was really getting cool, my mind rushed through many memories - shared bathing, tin baths, copper pipes, work, overalls, industry, welding, taps, childhood, my Dad (again) - I am very far from the Fashion Collection and the garments I started thinking about for my proposal - some thoughts have shifted, some are starting to solidify. I need to come back on another visit to explore the Museum more fully.

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