Sunday 15 April 2018


Phiona Richards and I were back with our lovely group for our fifth PROCESSIONS session - we had had a conversation in the morning and were worried that the original banner size we had opted for would be too small to fit all our flowers and to have letters that would be big enough to create enough impact. So I made up several different versions and had them copied to the right scale and added in one that was the larger version. There are some further amendments to make but this is the size the group has chosen.

We laid out the fabric flowers to give a better idea of how our banner might look

Phiona had been busy experimenting with lettering 

and putting together elements for our 
version of the Suffragette rosette.

Everyone stamped their own slogan onto fabric to create

the centre of the rosette and stitched it round a card disc,

Here is Joy's slogan on her completed disc.

We set up two work stations, one for stamping

and one of silk painting

Lillian and Mary filling their gutta outlines with colour

Judy and Mary displaying their finishes silks

which then had Bondaweb ironed to the reverse side.

Once again it was a busy, bustling evening.

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