Sunday 8 October 2017

Petri Project by McFarland & Singer

I took part in the open call out - I don't know whether the piece was ever included in the DNA Exhibition but I called the petri dish Bloodlines - Leaf, Twig, Feather, Wing. The circles are made from left over prints made with twigs, leaves, feathers. The pinked circles are attached to each other like a chain. I couldn't manage a double helix but some circles and halved, quartered and folded to represent the way we inherit some parts of out forebears DNA. The red ribbon is the blood that courses through us. The structure can be left popping out of the petrie dish and if it is squashed and lidded it represents the way traces of our physical being is compacted and composted over time. We become fragments but sometimes there is trace enough left in those fragments to tell our story.

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