Saturday 5 September 2015

Arun Ghosh - Corby International Orchestra - DRTT

Arun's call to musicians and
excitement after first jam session 

Sadly I don't play an instrument so wasn't sure if I could take part in the orchestra, and I missed a wonderful evening when Arun came to our DRTT Choir rehearsal. Everyone went away absolutely buzzing - where was I - at home with flu! However were were invited to sing a couple of our songs at the concert and were able to add some mighty ahhh-ing to Caliban's Revenge. It was a wonderful glimpse into another world, the world of musicians, excitement, energy, generosity and passion. Then there was the magical sound of Arum Ghosh playing the clarinet, amazing! Not your everyday Saturday then! Thank you Corby for another one in a lifetime experience!

Arun's project with the Corby International Orchestra 
has come to an end but the orchestra will continue - 
check out their Facebook Page for details and opportunities

photo of DRTT and orchestra by Kate Dyer

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