Friday 30 August 2013

Pop-up Shop, Transported Art, Holbeach

This was one of The Eloquent Fold's favourite venues

the space had been transformed by artist / co-ordinator Carol Parker

and a team of local artists and we were delighted to see more work by Angela Daymond who runs Fenland Textile Studio and had been introducing local people to the delights of dying with woad. We had had the pleasure of working with Angela during our day at Crowland Garden Centre.

During the course of the day we learnt just how 

much this venue and the summer of creative activities 

had meant to the local community.

When asked many of the adults said they would 

love to volunteer to help run the space in the future

saying that "this has been a life saver, we wouldn't have got through the summer with Carol, the other artists and the Pop-up Shop!". Children in the area are lively, creative, bustling but the town centre seems quiet, with many shops that have closed. Sadly both Pop-up Shops connected with the Transported Art Engagement Program were only ever envisaged as temporary. 

This shop in Holbeach was a rare gem of a space, a beating heart, a place that drew the community to it in a profound and meaningful way. You can get a flavour of this magical space and how the Eloquent Fold engaged with the community in this Flickr set 

However the redoubtable Carol Parker and fellow artist Amylee Handmade have transformed a new space, unconnected with Transported Art, in Spalding. If you are in the area check out for Art On the High Street24 The Crescent, Town Centre, Spalding PE11 1AF which will be open for three months from 14th October.

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