Saturday 4 May 2013

The Sketchbook Project Print Exchange 2013

500 hundred printmakers, including me, signed up to take part in The Sketchbook Project Print Exchange 2013. We were asked to make an edition of twelve 7 x 5 prints on the theme The Journey Home. Each printmaker will receive 10 prints from other artists taking part. Lovely!

My print was inspired by a dérive to Whatstandwell in Derbyshire, I walked with my Undiscovered Networks collaborator, artist Jo Dacombe. We explored an area flanked by the River Derwent, the road, the railway line and out of use canal. We got lost and found, fell in love with Cromford Mill and High Peak Junction, found everything always seemed to be three miles further on, got tangled, entranced, enticed and curious! You can read about it hereOn the journey home our minds were full of what we had seen, what we would do next and would eventually lead to our return to stage two train interventions along the Robin Hood Line - The Ticket Exchange. It was an intriguing day and I wanted to make a print that revisited that memory. 

The print is a monochrome linocut printed on vintage Zoffany wallpaper in muted tones and sprigged with wildflowers. Parts of the pattern peep through the cut marks. The wallpaper was then stitched to 300gm Somerset paper and is called 'River, Road, Rail, Canal'. They are winging their way to Brooklyn now and I wonder what will come back to me as the exchange part of the project. There was a fee to take part but I love the spirit of generosity that informs this Print Exchange.

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