Sunday 21 October 2012


During October Beacon Arts presented an exhibition of four new commissions at three heritage sites in rural Lincolnshire: Woolsthorpe ManorGrimsthorpe Castle and Ayscoughfee Hall. International artists Jordan Baseman, Amanda Coogan, Jem Finer and Bethan Huws drew on the particularities of Lincolnshire to create new artworks. Amanda Coogan worked with seven emerging artists selected from a national open call to create a performance piece at Ayscoughfee Hall that took place as part of the guided excursion only.  Amelia Beavis-Harrison, Joana Cifre-Cerda, Robert Foster, Laura Mahony, Julieann O'Malley, Hestia Peppe, Sally Anne Roberts

Hestia Peppe - Ayscoughfee Hall

I went on the coach trip during Saturday October 20th and was reminded of Ceila Fiennes book Through England on a Side Saddle. With this in mind I decided to use the camera in my phone and variety of editing apps as a means of sending myself a set of postcards made during the day.  By using the apps I felt I was embracing some of the spirit of the Marcel Duchamps 'Ready Mades', as the technology was ready made and the images formulaic. The colours and style have a deliberately pseudo vintage look and my cue for this was largely taken from Jem Finer's space travelling mini-caravan. On my return I wrote the words to accompany the postcards. The journey, the properties, the art / artists and the incredible ticket price (£7.50) made it a hugely enjoyable day which posed many questions and delivered on many levels. 

The last tours take place 27/28 October Details and to Book

You can read the postcards in the posts below.
Postcards - WoolsthorpeManor
Postcards - Grimsthorpe Castle
Postcards - Ayscoughfee Hall

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