Monday 10 September 2012

Unexpected Bounty

with my Rushden foraging guide Carolyn Bantin

As part of the Light Walks for Dark Days project I'm doing with Jo Dacombe in Kettering, Wellingborough, Finedon and Rushden I have been out foraging for wild and home grown produce to cook up with our walking group.

Damsons in Rushden

Luminous blush, wind fallen fruits
Nestle in moss and ivy
Succulent jewels

Rosehips in Corby and Kettering

Hard red berries on thorny branches
Glow against Paynes Grey sky
 Ageing grasses

Elderberries popped from stems with 
Silver forks, cordial in progress
Purple fingers and thumbs

Blackberries sweet from twilight bushes
Explode fat with juice and joy
Unexpected bounty

Crab Apples, sweeter than most
Many red and fallen
Sunday spoils

You can read about our adventures in cooking and bottling here

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