Saturday 20 April 2013

Routes To Roots

I spent one of the Easter holiday weeks working on a project called Routes to Roots with Corby Community Arts at Pen Green Research Base creating screen printed banners, silk paintings, drawings and flags to hang in the Centre and to be part of their 30th Anniversary celebrations

We decided that it would be a good idea to up-cycle the printed fabric tubes made during New Vistas, Wider Horizons Big Draw project as the existing prints of Corby as seen from the Cube would add an extra texture to the banners. I was also very inspired by this blog post :-
and am trying to work with materials I have that could undergo a change of function, rather than just buy more. This is also particularly helpful when materials budgets for projects become tight.

The hall in the Research Base was an ideal space to work in as we were able to draw, print and paint with enough room to circulate between activities. We had space to hang the work to dry and were able to get an overhead view of our progress from the balcony above.

We asked participants to make a drawing or stencil of their house, to think about the journeys they take to and from Pen Green and to remember routes followed and roots put down, either old or new.

We used a wooden textile block to print on flags and create a base for embellishment with sequins and glitter glue.

It was a hectic, happy week with parents, children and staff all joining in to be creative together!

Grandfather and Grandson printing flags together

Grandfather and Grandson's hands

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