Monday 8 April 2013

Press Record

Godmonkey Skyhook Alagamation member and musician of many bands Mark Brennan has been hard at work making the Deeds Not Words CD a reality. Here is a glimpse of our recording session, where Mark had infinite patience with us!

There will be two performances involved in the launch of the CD - one on the 31st of August at the White Ark Festival and one on the sat 29th of June at the Core .  Here is the List of some of the performers 

1. Naturally Speaking
2. Michael McIntyre
3. The Godmonkey Sky Hook Amalgamation
4. Craig Garden
5. George Reilly
6. Cretin 77
7. Family of noise
8. Lauren Herbert
9. Faye Georgia Brennan
10. Posh Fuk
11. Wild Grace
12. The B-Movie Britz

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