Tuesday 30 April 2013

Brampton Valley Way Mosaic Way Markers

I am currently working on Marking a Fine Line creating a set of 12 mosaic Way Markers for Back To Books to be sited along the Brampton Valley Way, a cycle track on the site of a former railway line in Northamptonshire. The designs are inspired by photographs taken during walks through and around the Valley Way during B2B's Tracing the Tracks project last year. I have drawn up all the panels and am making six myself, working with groups on three panels, inviting B2B members to my studio / shed to spend a few hours laying on tiles. You can see the designs here

I am finding that working in my shed / studio is lovely, the layout needs further refinement but now the weather is improving and the light lasts longer I can stay out there working for long stretches. Charlie whippet, is also enjoying our new location!

The project has been funded by Northamptonshire Community Foundation and Midlands Cooperative Society. 

I will be doing a drop-in session at Brixworth Country Park on May 27th from 11 - 3 where we will be working on one of the panels. I hope some of the visitors will come and join me! This will be a drop in session, panel is 1m x 2m so 5 or 6 people at a time can work on it comfortably.

Opportunities for participation will be posted on the Back To Books Blog  

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