Monday 4 June 2012

Jubilee Trees Update

I recently went back to the Old Water Tower to see how the Jubilee trees were doing, Ros has made a lovely entrance to the field with these specially designed gates.

The Royal Oak Sapling, grown from seeds gathered from Royal Estates, for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee  is thriving, as are the rest of the trees,

 which are now in grouped protective enclosures. 

During the hard to remember dry spell earlier this year Ros kept the trees well watered and they have repaid her efforts with plenty of new leaves. I'll be back to report on them as they grow, but they are in good hands and ready for all to share in their future beauty. The field is also starting it's new life as a creative space!

The first workshops to take place in the field will be run by artist Emma Davies, who also helped on the planting day, follow the link below for full details

‘The Water Tower’
Brigstock, NN14 3JA

Family Art Workshops - “Land as Material” 
For ages 7 years and upwards

Saturday 23rd June 2012

‘Upcycled Sketchbooks and a spot of Plein Air Sketching’  
10am – 12pm

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