Monday 18 June 2012

Draw a Flower to Present to the Queen

Draw a Flower to Present to the Queen was a huge project which was devised and completed within a very short space of time. Artists Kate Dyer, Jo Dacombe, Sophie Cullinan and I met to discuss what could be made to delight The Queen as she passed a very large expanse of concrete wall during Her  Majesty's Diamond Jubilee visit to Corby in the 14th of June. The initial proposal was to have a drawing competition and to reproduce three of the best drawings. I thought it a shame that only three children's work would be used if this idea was adopted. My recent involvement with a Jubilee Woods Tree Planting and the Royal interest in gardens and gardening made me suggest that children in Corby could be invited to draw or paint a flower to become part of a series of digital print silk wall hangings. This format would ensure that many more images made by the children could be incorporated. We wanted schools to encourage their pupils to look at real flowers or photographs of real flowers. To help with this I created a set of images on Flickr incorporating lots of different types of flowers captured in my garden and on my travels. A template and set of instructions was created and circulated to all the schools and within a very short space of time flowers of all kinds came flooding in to Corby Community Arts HQ! Jo and I used some of our allocated Beanfield time to work with children in the Nursery and Kate and I visited Year 6 pupils at Cottingham Primary School. We were delighted with the volume and quality of the work submitted and hugely grateful to the participating schools who made sure that as many children as possible took part. Kate and team of amazing volunteers scanned the images and then Kate laid them out in a huge grid - a long process but the end results were beautiful. Not every image could be incorporated on the hangings but every child's name was entered into a draw to choose two people to present a bouquet to the Queen and every child has been credited in the information board. My photographs don't really do justice to the work but give a flavour of the end results but the hangings are currently on display inside the Core.

Kate Dyer

View from above during installation

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  1. Dont they look fab. Those hangings are great. Hope they will get an airing at the Old Library.