Sunday 3 February 2013

Sky Walking

Prior to the walk on February 3rd I was contacted by Nikky Norton Shafau, via Chris Sudworth of The Core. Nikky gives participants rewards for creative input and she bought 6 of my Seeds of Change Multiples to give away during Sky's future adventures. I also received a mysterious email from Sky.......

Dear Friend,

I want to thank you for coming this far on this journey with me. I have heard you are a true adventure seeker. I am awake but very tired. But now I am tired of being tired. My mind and body need to escape - how is another story but for now...
I want to show you how grateful I am. I'm inviting you to a top-secret adventure - THE SLEEP WALK. You can't tell anyone. Don't worry – it's safe, I'll be there, and some friends you can trust. I want you to come somewhere with me. Meet my friend at 4.00pm at The Core at Corby Cube Box Office Saturday 2nd Feb 2013 – she'll be carrying a torch and will get you a hot drink. She'll take you to me, and we'll go on an adventure – a magical adventure in the dark (ish)!
 This adventure is a pre-curser to Digging Deep: The Adventures of Sky the Reluctant Hero which takes place at The Core in The Lab on the 7th, 8th, 9th Feb 2013. You will receive a FREE ticket to the show alongside your Sleep Walk invitation.
 I am on Facebook please add me Sky Thereluctanthero
With your address so I can send your official Golden Ticket in the post.
Sky x
We gathered in the Foyer of the Cube and were taken on a walk to find Sky - it's possibly best to describe the walk in Sky's own words, from her Facebook Page ....... 
"Somewhere some hours ago they came. First the police man. Then a man pushing a child and then the ones with the fixed eyes waiting for me to speak. What do they want me to say? Why is there security? Why is she taking photographs? Why are they looking at me? I want them here but I do not want them near. I want it to be dark so they cannot see me. I want it to be dark so I can see the stars instead of the clouds." Sky the Reluctant Super Hero

"I have nothing to say. Lady. Curly hair. Asks if I am OK. I ask who they are. They ask who I am but I cannot answer. Not because I can't. Because I cannot find the words. The right words. I try to tell them about the bakers I try and say about Brown Yard and the bakers but it is hurting me. "Sky the Reluctant Super Hero

"I try to sleep 40 winks. No blinks. I to be like I used to be with Fatty Fatty Johnson I try to be like that again. I try to ask questions. I try to make conversations. Sometimes nothing came. They ask me questions and sometimes nothing came." Sky the Reluctant Super Hero 

"They cross the road and I am stuck. They leave me. I am left. They waited. We come to a fork in the road. The lady with the brown hair chooses the direction. I wish she would tell us where to go all the time." Sky the Reluctant Super Hero

"We come to me and Fatty's spot the lined decking at the boating lake. I try to say when what happened when Fatty fell down the well. The man threw the coin in like Fatty did. I sing Grandmas song. I teach them Grandmas song why did I do that?!! " Sky the Reluctant Super Hero

"No - one knows that song but me. I need to breath I need to think of someone that I know. I feel alone with these people. We think of someone that we love and then I see Fatty." Sky the Reluctant Super Hero

"But they are slowing me down. They needed to run faster. Our torches shine on the forest looking for Fatty. He has gone. I tell them a secret. They help me to yell. How long is a piece of string? " Sky the Reluctant Super Hero

"My Brown Yard to My Grey Town it has not always been like this. They do not believe me. I give gifts as I am not ready to give myself. I leave them alone. It is better that way. Sky the Reluctant Super Hero

Our walk ended in the Rooftop Gallery, we viewed the exhibition and were served delicious tea and cake. We were all given gift bags and questions in plant pots to discuss. Sky left us, we talked and enjoyed our tea.

We had been asked to bring an object to talk about - I brought my blue Mexican dog - a present from Kathy Page and explained why I had chosen it.

We shared other objects and dispersed into the night.

Nikky Norton Shafau leads audiences on a beautiful immersive adventure touching upon issues of mental health, with incredible sound design by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17)and animation from Emily & Anne.

'Ice cream? Polar bear? Desert? = Messy!

Sky has not slept a wink for six whole months. It’s 3am and yet another sleepless night.There’s a sound from deep without. The door opens but the world doesn’t look, feel or sound the the same as it used to..."
  • Winner of The Flying Solo Commission 2011
  • Presented in association with The Core at Corby Cube, Contact (Manchester) and MC Theater (Amsterdam).

You can write a letter to Sky here 
and find out how to interact further here

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