Wednesday 13 February 2013

More Winterlight

Artists Sophie Cullinan, Kate Dyer and Carole Miles 
have been up to their Torchtastic tricks again working 
with groups to create winter torches. 

You can join them at their woodland event.
5.00 pm, Feb 19th, East Carlton Park
Meet at the Log Cabin
There will be Soup!
There will be walking. 

The torches will be will be glowing.  
East Carlton Park is a magical place.

There may be frost, rain, wind, snow or assorted wintery 
weather so ....wrap up warm and wear walking boots or 

for more information contact Corby Community Arts

and if you'd like to see images from the  Winterlight project there is a gallery here


  1. Superb images Carole and some extremely rewarding work. Well done! Miss you guys but glad to see work goes on! Hey, what are you doing posting things like this on here at 00.23 hours? You need some sleep you know. X

  2. Blog clock seems to be wrong Georgina - I put this up at about 8.30 am! Thanks for lovely comments - the photos are by Kate and Lorraine. We miss you too. Am busy cooking up some more walking / wellbeing projects - will keep you posted and perhaps you and Robin can join in!