Thursday 12 April 2012

Day Four - Consolidation

 First pages with more detail added

I only had a few hours to work on the sketch book as I had meetings and paperwork to do today. The meeting this morning gave me the chance to explore possible ways forward with the wonderful  Morag Ballantyne mentor and coach in the cultural and creative industrieswho made me feel inspired and energised! I was so worried about being late that I left the component parts of my sketch book at Corby Community Arts, thankfully I was able to collect them on my way home. I also stopped off to look at box frames and envelopes at The Range - no frames but some useful envelopes to customise for the sketch book.

 The tear in the petticoat - iron hoop exposed

Laminated Shift pattern pieces - front with photographs from Snibston Mining Museum and Fashion Collection, back with map of the world. Plain machine stitching and loose threads.

The pollen is very heavy going at the moment, so when I got home I decamped to my bed with all parts of the sketch book, trying to resolve a few final problems and thinking more about how to use the envelopes. It's a terrible year for Hay Fever sufferers and at times it's hard to breathe, think or move so it's good to have something to take my mind off this for awhile.

 The Signal Man

Ancient miners tunic - blood lines and rail links

Still dreaming of the straight shape

Walking adventure in the rain - Edward Thomas Birthday Walk 2012


  1. From Sharon Martin Read I have really enjoyed your blog today.. really beautiful sketchy

  2. From Annie Dalton - Love them, love them, love them.