Wednesday 28 March 2018

PROCESSIONS - Week 2 - Inspirations and Designs

In our second PROCESSIONS session at Swan Gardens Phiona showed more video clips relevant to the project

We were unable to show this film but here is a link to Silk, Satin and Suffrage an lovely film showing some to the original Suffragette banners

Ann Leonard brought in a beautiful hand painted banner made in 1930 by The Womens' Co-operative Guild in 1934 and shared images of other Co-operative Womens' Guild banners. 

We were also able to enjoy the wonderful Corby Town Map banner made with the community by Corby Community Arts brought in by Kate Dyer who was able to share the spirit of those making sessions and why they were so important to the women who helped create it. It was made using a variety of sewing and dying techniques and features important Corby landmarks that were in place before the regeneration in the town took place.

We then gave the group papers and materials to use and invited them to start sketching out their banner ideas in the light of the PROCESSIONS Brief

Your PROCESSIONS banner should represent the lives, ideas, hopes and concerns of women today. It should be bold, beautiful and uniquely yours. Whatever you put on it should be heartfelt. Onlookers will only have a short time to see its message, so make it simple, punchy and clear.
Please make sure that you: 
1. Incorporate the colours green, white and violet into your banner somewhere. You can choose any shades of these colours and can do anything from the PROCESSIONS logo stitched in the corner – to the whole thing being made from these colours.
2. Back your banner in black or very dark material. This is so that we will be able to pick them out in photos.

At the end of the evening were shared all the sketches, chose the elements the group wants to use and decided that as well as the DEEDS NOT WORDS slogan they also wanted to incorporate the slogan from our youngest participant - WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!

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