Sunday 21 February 2016

From Lincolnshire and Back - Exhibition at The Majestic Studios in Stoke

"Sometimes artists just need the space to make, to challenge their working practice, to network and be inspired by others. From Lincolnshire and Back is about artists exchanging unfinished work with each other; relinquishing ownership and collaborating to create a finished piece." Carol Parker

This self funded project was initiated by Carol Parker, socially engaged artist and contributed to by artists across the UK. Including the new managers of the Majestic Studio's, artists Chris Reader and Andrew Cliff. 

You can see all the works from all the artists in this Pinterest Album including the first exhibition at Moulton Mill December 2015

Last year I received a parcel of starting points for the project - photos of abandoned shoes - from Beth Barlow and so decided to continue looking out for shoes. 

My resulting piece is called the Map of Maybe, a stitched imaginary map of walks, a selection of shoe / walk photos on magnetic paper and magnetic poetry kit.

The idea was the photos and poetry letters could 
go on their own journey through a space -

the one flaw with this is you need metal 
surfaces to make this happen.

 So for the time being the work 
is contained on a small stand.

We were all asked to fill a strip of small pockets to represent our practice, you can see them all on the Pinterest link too. I feel that due to time, distance and other commitments, I was only able to stick my toe in the waters of this project but feel pleased that I made something. Many of the participants had a very rich, collaborative experience so do check out all their makings and doings on Pinterest or at The majestic Studios. The exhibition is available to tour to other venues, if you would like it to visit you contact Carol Parker

I'm also happy to have been part of Carol's Visible Mending Project  went to Canterbury and is now off to Bridport 

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