Sunday 1 November 2015

WILD PROJECTS #7 – HARD CORE – Test 2 - The Small Print

Other artists present are moving, singing, 
wrapping, slicing, spraying, making stories. 
We are all in our separate spaces, 
we are all together.

Not my apple but part of someone else's story.

Mono printing on the picnic bench by the apple tree, 
this ink is just water based, a bit too squishy, 
the results are unpredictable, 
there may be rain at any minute.

I press on.

She Embraces the Core of Things



There is Always Temptation

Positive Surrender

Negative Surrender

I invite Kate to place the prints and conkers
around the remaining parts of Test 1.

We have moved to a quite space

a picnic 
table behind the cottage

I am exploring secret spaces.

The prints are offered around the wrapped twigs 
and interspersed with the hard cores (conkers)

The Apple Queen and the Future Apple Queen visit.

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