Friday 14 March 2014

AirSpace Walking Encyclopaedia Exhibition

During our scoping day before the Light Walks Further Afield Residential Jo Dacombe and I discovered a ghost hotel. The gates were closed, the car park was empty and the grass in the hotel garden reached up over the seats, peeping through the tables. After the residential ended, we returned to create a temporary intervention - Half Beech. A magnificent copper beech tree beckoned to us and we wrapped her with orange ribbon you can see the photo set here

We submitted two stills as one piece - Half Beech to the AirSpace Gallery Walking Encyclopaedia Exhibition, along with our Light Walks For Dark Days film and other walking artifacts. The ever resourceful Jo Dacome delivered the work and her work in walking arts practice with Sidelong and Miles and Dacombe was highlighted by exhibition curator Glen Stoker when she was selected as one of their Walking Artists of the Day

My travelling wings have been a bit clipped recently but I was very keen to see the exhibition and the concurrent exhibition Paths of Variable Resistance by Tim Knowles. I got there the Saturday before the exhibition closed and here is a sample of what I saw:-

There was such a wealth of documentation about artists engaged in inspirational walking practice it felt good to be part of the creative footfall. 

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