Sunday 21 October 2012

Postcards - Ayscoughfee Hall

Your younger body
Their Isabella

Small basket in hand
Window framed and shadow lined,
Old stone, new insights

Her lover entranced
By dribbled words, transcribes her
Digital image

In the stone corner
Another transcriber crouches. Hold.
Catch. Breathe quietly

A whirling woman
Wears battered baggage lightly
Heel. Toe. Point. Move. Halt.

Cradle, stretch, tread this
Stately dance, timeless, graceful
Winding fibres taut

She is the action
A constant wool-gatherer
Axis, anchor, end point

Patient, persistent, 
Winding and unwinding the
Endless, captive thread

1 comment:

  1. Just had lovely Tweet from Hestia Peppe @Digifem loved your postcards from @beaconartp I was the string winding. Thanks so much for your response, means a lot.